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Friday, June 16, 2017

Witness is just OK, B-

While it may have some of the familiar Katy Perry sounds fans can enjoy and sink their teeth into, Witness is surprisingly just a decent effort from the most popular girl on the planet.
While some songs on Witness are your typical Katy Perry songs, most of the album runs short of the amazing talent and work she put into her previous efforts. That being said, Witness isn't necessarily a bad album. The song writing is on top form throughout the record, and Perry's voice is better then ever. The album has a sadness to it, which is a surprise in itself. Yet, Perry never really takes the record to the next level like she could have in so many different ways.

One of the better songs on the album is of course Swish Swish. It's a great representation of the new Katy Perry and what she has to offer. The dance moves and sounds are all there, and no doubt it's something to listen to while your in your "let's do this" mode. Katy's voice is eerily calm on the tune and her vocals do not miss a beat. This is also true on most of the other tunes on the record, but this one stands out as a great new pop and electronic melody with hip hop and other genres thrown in.
It is rather interesting that several electronic artists like Hot Chip make special guest appearances on the album, adding a bit of an electronic feel to it.

Of course, Chained to the Rhythm is a pure example that Katy Perry is still, and probably will be for a while, a pop artist. It's poppy ballads and melodies is a representation of Katy herself, and although it may not be a lot of great change, it's still a pleasure to listen to even if it doesn't have a lot of musical talent behind it like Dark Horse and some of her previous songs do.

That pretty much sums of all of Witness. It's as if Katy Perry is playing the easy ride here, and just said, 'Hey, I'm going to release a safe album without too much after thought'. You can tell that many of the songs can be future radio hits, but unfortunately, that might be the best thing besides Katy's voice and song writing that Witness has to offer.
Still, Witness isn't the worse album of the year by any means, and most of Perry's purple fans will be entertained by the songs and that counts as something.
Bon Appetit from Witness:

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