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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Best Movies of 2017

With the Oscars just around the corner, Wildfire Reviews is putting together it's own list of the best films of 2017 and why they are so great in the first place!

1) Get Out

While there's been other great movies of 2017, there hasn't been one as shockingly great as Get Out. Now becoming a cult classic, it's by far one of the better movies of it's kind. It's a perfect mixture of the thriller and comedy genres, and offers a compelling storyline, characters, surprisingly strong acting, great scenes and wonderful music to boot. Even non horror fans will love this one!

2) The Big Sick

Who would have thought that their can still be great horror and comedy films? While Get Out is doing it's thing for thrillers, The Big Sick is one of the best comedy films you can see in recent years. With great acting from everyone involved and a story line that's based on an amazing true love story, The Big Sick is one of 2017's best films, and trust us, you'll be laughing with joy by the end of it's bizarre but great story.

3) Baby Driver

Beautifully produced, directed and acted, Baby Driver is one of those films that will be a cult classic in the next few years. Lead by a truly impressive cast that includes both Kevin Spacey and Jamie Foxx, Baby Driver is a superb action film that get's everything right. Another thing that makes this film so great is the sound track, which fits beautifully in with every scene.

4) War for Planet of the Apes

The closing act of the modern Planet of the Apes trilogy is an emotional, powerful and beautifully shot CGI film that will leave fans extremely satisfied. Unlike many sequels, the modern Planet of the Apes movies have actually both improved upon the last, and War is no exception. Not only is it the best in the trilogy by far, it's one of the better science fiction films to come out in the last few years, offering plenty to think about after you watch it.

5) Blade Runner 2049

While it might not be as great as the original (and few films ever are), the new Blade Runner is another film that's beautifully shot and extremely well done. It almost makes you cry it's that great watching it. Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling team up and make a great pair throughout the film, and it's wonderful to see that everyone who worked on this film truly expanded on this incredible world. Dennis Verville, who directed Arrival, does a stunning job with the new Blade Runner. One of the only downfalls of the movie is that it's almost painfully long because it's well over the three hour mark.

6) Coco

Another film that's beautiful to look at is Coco. Pixar is back and at their top of their game with this wonderfully animated family film that's fun for all ages. Coco has just as great, if not better, characters then some of Pixar's best films and really puts a great spin on Mexican culture and life. Although it's a tear jerker, it's a wonderful film to watch, and anyone with the appreciation of music will love it to heart.

7) Logan

Perhaps the best super hero film of all time, Logan wonderfully closes out the X-Men movies that fans have loved for the past dozen years now. Unlike any X-Men film before it, Logan does justice to the characters while adding new ones and putting an interesting new twist to the movies. The screenplay to the film is by far the best in any super hero film ever done, and Hugh Jackman does a steller last performance as everyone's favorite X-Men, Wolverine. While extremely violent for a super hero flick, the violence is actually needed and is one of the things that makes Logan so great.

8) Wonderwoman

While DC has had some huge recent film flops over the past few years, none of them can live up to how great Wonder Woman is. It's by far DC's best film in it's current DC universe. The special effects, storyline, characters and even villain are incredible. But, the best thing about Wonderwoman is by far Gal Gabot. There couldn't be someone else better to fit the part! She looks great and acts even better throughout the movie. Chris Pyne also does a great supporting job in the film.

9) Dunkirk

It's not the best movie of 2017, nor is it the best of Christoper Nolan's catalog, but Dunkirk offers a spectacular look at one of the most important moments of WWII history. it doesn't have  a truly remarkable story line, but the characters are likable. What makes Dunkirk great are the flight scenes, and general cinematography of the movie. In that regards, it's unlike any other WWII film out there, and it's amazing to look at.  It's an interesting take on WWII from one of the best modern directors in film history.

10) Star Wars: The Last Jedi

You may begin to think that Disney is over killing the Star Wars films now, but when they make great movies each year, they can really do whatever they'd like with it.
The Last Jedi is the best Star Wars since the Empire Strikes Back, and might be the best of all time.
Every character in the film is great, and all fans will leave the theater greatly satisfied, and wanting more. The storyline, characters, special effects and directing make The Last Jedi truly remarkable, and a great addition to the Star Wars films.

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