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Friday, March 23, 2018

The Shape of Water is a spellbinding film, A

While it might not be the best movie of last year nor Del Torro's best, the Shape of Water is still an incredible film. With an amazing story, acting and special effects, it's both a sad and happy story that most all movie lovers will enjoy.

The Shape of Water is, at the very least, different then your average love story. Yet a love story it is, and what makes it so unusual isn't just the creature that's in it, but actress Sally Hawkins. Sally Hawkins is superb in the film and perfect in every way for the role. Everyone else in the film is also incredibly good, especially Michael Shannon, who always plays a wonderful bad guy.

However, that might not be the best thing about the film. The best thing about the film is that you could tell how careful Del Torro worked on it. It's his baby, and his unusual style of film making is on full display here. The moment you begin watching The Shape of Water, it's hard not to recognized his handy work. The man did an incredible job putting every scene of this film together, because it flows so smoothly from one scene to the next that you almost wish you were in it's dark but wonderful world.

One thing for sure. It isn't Beauty In the Beast, although the two story lines are vaguely similar. It's a more modern and updated much darker version of the tale, filled with static electricity from the first scene to the last each scene in the film is amazing in it's own right.
Like most Oscar winners, The Shape of Water is far from a perfect film. The fact that the main character being mute is a bit of a damper for the film, despite her actually not being able to talk. Sally Hawkin's character could have actually been a tad bit stronger to make viewers actually like her more.

The Shape of Water isn't unlike most of other Del Torro's work. Another thing that hurts the film from being perfect is that it's surprisingly slow, and there could have been a better pace through out the film.

That being said, it's still an amazing movie. The visual effects from the creature are amazing as well, and not to be missed out on.
The Shape of Water also has a huge influence from old movies, which adds another wonderful element to the film.

Over all, it's incredible, and one of Del Torro's best works. It's a movie that future fantasy monster film directors should look at and appreciate before doing their own work. Fans of Del Torro himself of course will have no reason not to like it.


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