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Monday, April 2, 2018

Golden Hour is a country masterpiece, A+

Golden Hour is Kasey Musgrave's third studio release, and it shows the country singer song writer isn't slowing down. Not only has she released the best album of her career and the year so far, but it's a country masterpiece.

It's a wonderful thing when your favorite artists release a truly incredible album. We all know that Texas native Kasey Musgraves is extremely talented. What we didn't know is that somehow, she's released an album that's even greater than anything else she's ever released. Golden Hour is simply fascinating, and it's never boring from the first track to the last. Kacey Musgraves has released a country masterpiece, an album that up and comer country stars should pay close attention to.

You almost begin to cry when your listening to Golden Hour. Musgraves has always been a great song writer, but the lyrics on this album are so incredible that it brings HER to the front pages. Musgraves is the center piece of the album, and although this can some times ruin things when other country stars release similar records, Kacey does it in such a way that it truly shows us who she really is.

Above the new found fame, the lyrics behind Golden Hour show that Kacey is just an average farm girl just like everyone else in the country. And the best thing about it the album? There's not a single reference to cute farm boys, drinking beers, whiskey or the common country themed elements in most songs.
Golden Hour is surprisingly deep, but something we can all relate to. One of the best songs on the album is 'Wonder Woman' and how Kacey tells us how she's always wanted to be "Wonder Woman," and isn't that something we've always wanted? Some other exceptional lyrically powered tracks on the album include "Space Cowboy", "Slow Burn" and "Oh What a World," the later almost adding a techno sound to her country swang.

It's not just the lyrics that are amazing. Musgraves hits one high note after another. Her voice is angelistic, absolutely perfect for the type of music that's behind her. It's soft but not too soft, loud but not too loud. She has truly found herself and this is the best of what country has to offer these days. Even non country music fans will fall in love with Kacey just for this album alone.

Those who don't know who Willie Nelson favorite Kacey Musgraves is will show know who she is after this. This is the first time the country song writer will be headlining arenas around the world, and for good reason because she's so incredibly talented.
Listen to the album yourself, because you won't be disappointed with any of these songs and will instantly fall in love with Golden Hour, the best album so far by Kacey Musgraves.

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