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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Grouplove provide a fun filled night at Hamilton College Halloween Weekend

What: Concert Review
Who: Grouplove
Where: Hamilton College
When: Friday, October 25, 2013

This past Friday night L.A. indie pop rock group Grouplove performed at Hamilton College. While everyone began Halloween preparations for next week, the concert provided an Eco friendly good time for the some two hundred students that attended the show. Halloween indeed as Hamilton College was doing a kind of Harry Potter theme for the weekend in which they dressed up the school like Hogwarts and some kids wore cloaks and wizardry outfits, which was fun and interesting to see while going to the concert.

Grouplove's energy and musical talent showed the crowd they know how to rock and will dance your socks off. It was a great time at a small venue to experience the up and coming indie rockers from L.A. They performed well over an hour, and played most of their songs from their two studio albums that are currently released.
Hailing off of a new record that came out last week, Grouplove had a new selection of songs to perform from their new album, Spreading Rumors. It was one of the best albums released this year. Grouplove performed these songs exceptionally well, especially Borderline and Aliens. That song was a favorite of the night, and their rebound energy rocked as the guitar, vocals and drums sounded better live on all of their songs then the albums. The crowd seemed to way in on lead singer Hanna Hooper, with several guys chanting and cheering her name. Hanna gave the crowd something right back in which she happily declared, 'I don't want to see girls on shoulders, I want to see Guys, lift those guys up!'
For being such a small crowd of just about 200 people, the crowd was just as high energy bound as the band if not more. During every song they danced and swayed and jumped up and down. Not just a small group, but everyone was doing this in the crowd. There was even crowd surfing, which was a bit surprising considering the type of concert.
Opening new York group the Knocks were great as well. The two DJs provided a different grove of music that got the crowd dancing and reading for the headliner. The group's two musicians sang well and their voices blended in together with the techno good beats they performed to the crowd.
The concert itself was held in a small building that might have been a storage area or a gymnasium for the college. It was a strictly a college inclined show, with the crowd being all students of Hamilton college. However, that didn't stop the concert from being good. The fact that it was a college show and so intimate made it simply great and unique.

The concert was very green friendly. In a lounge room opposite of the concert hall, several booths were set up to promote environmental awareness issues & ideas. Now more than ever, especially with Farm Aid happening in Upstate NY this past month, Eco friendly, green friendly and environmentalism seems to be the coolest topic these days. Grouplove's new tour is a huge supporter of this, and a prime influence on other shows and tours that they should be carry on the idea.
Grouplove played all their hits this past Friday night, including 'Colours', 'Ways to Go'  and 'Tongue Tied'. They were a great and fun band to see. Simply put,
if you want to dance, go see a Grouplove concert.

Grade: A
4 out of 5 stars ****

Set list:
1) I'm with You
2) Itchen on a Photograph
3) Lovely Cup
4) School Boy
5) Shark Attack
6) Hippy Hill
7) Naked Kids
8) Spun
9) Raspberry
10) Tongue Tied
11) I wanna Dance with Somebody (Whitney Houston Cover)
12) Bitin the Bullet
13) Slow
14) Borderline and Aliens
15) Ways to go
16) Colours
Here's a clip of them live a few months ago:

Photos of the Concert at Hamilton College Friday, October 25, 2013:

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