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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Infamous works despite some minor disadvantages

What: Game Review

Now several years old, Infamous has become a legendary and cult status game for Play Station. After beating it, one understands why. The game's storyline, world, characters and scope are all massive. The ideas are original and the special effects are impressive, even compared to today's newly released games. You play a super hero, Cole, who slowly begins to understand who he is and what is powers are throughout the game.
However, despite its grandness, the game lacks several disadvantages.
The world is almost too big. After a while, you get somewhat tired of facing one mob after the other. While the story line is very impressive, perhaps throwing in some more elements or change of scenery. Quickening the overall pace of it might make the game more compelling to those that like fast pacing games. These are the only cons of the game, and overall, its a successful adventure that leaves the player wanting more of Cole's warped world of Empire City.

Grade: B+ or A-

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