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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Against me's Transgender Dysphoria Blues is a great new Punk album

What: Album review
Who: Against Me
When: January 2014

Modern punk pioneers Against Me have returned with a full length studio album named Transgender Dysphoria Blues. It's a different punk album where as it's not full with complete or any anger, but theme's come across as surprisingly emotional and intelligent. The album comes at a time with a major change in the band as lead singer Grace Kelly (formally known as Tom Gabel) went through a major sex change the last few years. The new album addresses these issues and more, and the songwriting is actually superb, along with the guitar riffs. Against me can be described as 'modern day version of Joan Jett & the Blackhearts', and should be listened to by not only punk fans, but all music fans. It's a punk album where the screams are actually tolerable to listen to, and you can actually hear Grace's voice clearly and strongly in every song.


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