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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Welcome to band practice: 3DD play acoustic at the T stone

What: Concert Review
Who: 3 Doors Down Acoustic Songs from the Basement
Where: Event Center, Turning Stone Casino
When: February 18th, 2014

Finishing their Acoustic, Songs from the Basement tour, 3 Down Down packed the Event Center at the Turning Stone Casino to a near sold out crowd tonight (Tuesday night). They had good reason; this was their last date of the tour.
"You really want to make sure the last show sticks with you, good or bad, after playing a tour, and this crowd has been fantastic," lead singer Brad Arnold told the well respected and entertained mass of people during the end of their set. The crowd had every right to be entertained. 3 Doors Down played exceptionally well and the best time this reviewer has ever seen them.
The sound at the Turning Stone Event Center as the band stripped themselves down and played acoustically was exceptionally crystal clear. You could hear every string that was played and every beat. The entire concert was played acoustically from beginning to end. Lead singer Brad Arnold sounded better than ever, despite being sick. (Aren't we all this time of year?) His voice rang out more powerful than ever, and with the acoustic setting behind him, you could truly understand the meaning  behind the words of his songs. It helped that Brad explained the meaning behind almost every song before they played it as well.
The concert tonight was extremely intimate and emotional as the band gave the crowd a chance to connect and get to know them. The setting resembled that of a living room-two couches and stools set up. Several lucky people were able to sit on the couches during the show, and yes, those couch seats were actual sold as  tickets.
"What better place to end this show than here," Brad said with a smile, showing his own respect to the area and the uniqueness of the concert. In the beginning, he announced how different this show was going to be for them, that it wasn't going to be rocking out like their usual style. However, in this case, different means good.
Each tune sounded better than the last one, and having seen 3 Doors Down several times now, it was extremely interesting to see how they translated their more harder edged tunes like "Duck and Run" acoustically. The answer was that they translated them much better than normal. "In my opinion, if you can't strip down a song to its bare minimum and make it sound good, there's just alot of junk in there anyways," Brad proclaimed. He also announced during the beginning of the show that this truly was like witnessing them in 'band practice'.
The band also played a few noteworthy covers, including "Nothing Else Matters" by Metallica which sounded superb as well. Like every show after playing all their hits including "Loser," "If I could be like that", and "Kryptonite", the band ended with their army tune and their appreciation to American soldiers over seas.
The acoustic 3 Doors Down show was well worth going too. To see it acoustic is completely different than their normal big time summer events. However, the Acoustic Songs from the basement tour is much more better in every way. Next time they come around acoustically, don't miss 3DD because you'll be in for a great performance.

Solid A


Set list at Turning Stone February 18, 2014:
1) Father's Son
2) Let me be myself
3) Be Like That
4) Landing in London
5) The Dance (Garth Brooks Cover)
6) When You're young
7) Let me go
8) Pages
9) Away from the Sun
10) It's not my time
11) Duck and Run
12) Loser
13) Kryptonite
14) Nothing Else Matters (Metallica cover)
15) Here without you baby
16) When I'm Gone

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