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Saturday, March 1, 2014

A man that can't whisper is whats in Enough Said

What Movie Review
Who: Enough Said
When: March, 2014

One of 2013's many indie films, Enough Said is a fun, romantic comedy and serious comedy that can be enjoyed by all. Julie Louis Drefus and James Gandolfini, who does star as a man who can't whisper, are perfectly cast as the two lead characters of the film. Great acting, storyline and directing make Enough Said one of 2013's best romance movies of the year and MUCH better than an average chick flick. Most of the movie is based on dialogue, and much of the dialogue is funny which helps pass the time along. The film is beautifully directed and written and although it maybe not the year's best film, it is worth watching for a simple and casual movie night.

solid A

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