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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Avett Brothers Charm RIT in Rochester

What: Concert Review:
Who: The Avett Brothers
Where: Gordon Field House, Rochester Institute of Technology, NY
When: Thursday, March 6th, 2014

It's still cold as ever here in Upstate NY with spring still a long ways off and winter showing no signs of letting up anytime soon. However, the crystal clear night sky and freezing temperatures were the right conditions for the Avett Brothers to come knocking on Rochester's door at the Institute of Technology.  The concert at the Gordon Field house featured only the Avett Brothers, and after attending one could understand why. The band performed for roughly two hours and fifteen minutes, playing many of their hit songs and a dozen of covers. Simply put, the group has one of the best correspondence between band members. Excellent harmonies along with dual vocals and parings showed the Avett Brothers can warm up a freezing cold Upstate NY night, even with a completely sober crowd.
The concert was held at the Gordon Field house at Rochester Institue of Technology, which is basically an indoor track and large gymnasium.  Most college shows like these have terrible sound because it echoes. These college gym shows are often just randomly set up and not use to having concerts their all the time.
For this particular show however, the sound wasn't perfect, but it still sounded good. You could hear all the instruments from nearly anywhere in the gymnasium along with the vocals of each member, and there wasn't too bad of an echoing effect that plague some college shows like this.
One of the best things about an Avett Brothers concert is the band's ability to correspond with each other and perform together in unison, whether that be dueling pairings during some songs or the entire group jamming out. You can tell that they respect one another greatly and enjoy performing together on stage.
Tonight's performance felt more intimate and emotional rather than one of their large outdoor amphitheater shows. The band seemed more personal and performed a lot more slower songs than normal. However, they performed these songs with grace and excellent accuracy, causing you to enjoy it no matter what.
The crowd tonight was exceptionally passive and laid back as well, with only a number of people dancing and going crazy unlike their summertime and festival events. Despite this, most of the crowd was in fact paying attention to the band and having fun on their own accounts. At the end of the show, nearly everyone had smiles on their faces and many comments were heard saying how great it was, which is what matters the most. A part of the reason for the crowd being laid back might have been because it was a dry event without any alcohol being served since it was on a college campus. That of course, didn't ruin anyone's evening, as people were there truly for the music this time and not for the booze.
There was only one slight disappointment tonight, and that being the Avett Brothers not playing one of their fan favorite songs, Parania in a B-Flat Minor. It was unusual because they almost always play that song during every concert, but the group made up for it with playing hits like Kick Drum Heart, Live and Die, Another is Waiting and Head Full of Doubt.
The duets the band performed as two members would often come out on the walkway in front of the crowd together was the most impressive thing about the concert tonight. Each instrument the band members played was successfully outlined and jammed out to the max. It was a great time for everyone, and although this show was slower than one of their summertime concerts, it was overall more personal, emotional and still very much worth going to. The concert was a long one as well, but the group made it feel like hardly anytime went by at all. Indeed, they seemed like they still had energy and could perform even longer when they ended their last song.
The Avett Brothers are an American folk country rock group with endless energy. You don't want to miss seeing them live whether it be an indoor show or outside event.


Set list: (Avett Brothers Gordon Field House, Rochester Institute of Technology)
1) Skin and Bones
2) Die Die Die
3) The Fall
4) Will you Return?
5) Live and Die
6) Laundry Room
7) Instrumental?
8) Roving Gambler (Everly Brothers cover)
9) Apart from Me
10) Thank God I'm a country boy (John Denver cover)
11) Another is Waiting
12) Head full of Doubt
13) Pretty Girl from Chili
14) When I Drink
15) Ten Thousand Words
16) Color Show
17) The Prettiest Thing (David Childers & The Modern Don Juans Cover)
18) Morning Song
19) If it's the beaches
20) Go to Sleep
21) Kick Drum Heart
22) Paul Newman vs the Demons
23) Vanity
24) Will the Circle be Broken (Nitty Gitty Dirt Band cover)
25) I and Love and You
26) Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight (Spaniels Cover)

Pictures! Photo Credit Kurt Kurbowski, Oswego, NY

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