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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Robert Redford looks pretty ancient in All is Lost, but he still has it...

Movie Review
All is Lost
March 9th, 2014

It's hard to be the only actor in a movie from start to finish, and even harder to capture an audience's interest in such a movie with saying less than a dozen words. Yet, Robert Redford does this and more in his new film, All is Lost. All is Lost is about a man who's stranded out at sea after his sailboat suffers an accident. While Hollywood has been plagued by several superb ocean stranded movies that are hard to forget like Cast Away and Life is Pi, All is Lost makes it foot print on the genre because it has nothing to do with the characters past life, only what happens to him on the eight days he's stranded at sea. The movie is really about how Robert Redford can still can act and his ability to keep the screen captured throughout the film. You can simply tell how he is feeling by his facial expressions, especially when he loses his sailboat. While All is Lost may not be for everyone, and some may not find it that too interesting since it doesn't deal with the character's past life, most Robert Redford fans should be able to enjoy this movie and at least be able to sit through it all of the movie doesn't appeal to them.
Simply put, Redford is still the man and was able to pull off a film where he was the only star in it and saying little words.
That being said, the movie could have benefited from at least one or two flashbacks to give Redford's character some personality, but again, the film wasn't about his back story, only what happened to him out at sea.

Grade: B+

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