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Friday, March 28, 2014

Foster the people's new album is no where near as good as the first

What: Music Review
Who: Foster the People
When: March 2014
Why: Recently released their sophomore album

As part of a new wave of Indie Rock bands from Los Angeles, Foster the People came onto the scene several years ago with their debut album Torches. Mainstream success was well for the band and they flourished with top billboard charting hits like "Pumped up Kicks." Now, the group have returned with their second album and hopefully making their own print on the music world.
Unfortunately, the second album is majorly lacking the originality some of the songs consisted in "Torches". The pop savory sounds are gone replaced with random ramblings and bizarreness that do not flow together well. It sounds as if the band tried putting the album together on tour in two weeks time and did not try and truly practice how the new songs would form. On top of it, all the songs sound the same and the band offers no new sounds that can be helpful to them making their way as a new top charting indie group. Better luck next time, guys.


Old Single Pumped up Kicks:
New Single:

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