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Friday, May 9, 2014

Lykke Li returns with a beautiful & charming new album

What: Music Review
Who: Lykke Li
When: May 2014
Why: Her new album, I never learn

Over the past several years, Lykke Li has proven to herself and the music community that she's just not another r&b or pop star from Sweden. Her music is incredibly different and unique in her own way, and the indie singer song writer uses it to her advantage. Li is back with her new album, I never Learn.
The album is exactly what a Lykke Li album should be and more. While short at only nine tracks, it doesn't seam that way at all. It's a joy to listen to from front to back, and although the album maybe dark and cold, you actually get warmed up listening to it. It proves that Li can mix talented song writing with beautiful music production. The album is not just another break up album, it wants to be heard, and Li is just the musician that can bring it out to the world.

B+ or A-

new single:

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