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Friday, May 9, 2014

Season 4 of Arrested Development leaves a sour taste

What: TV review
Who: Arrested Development, Season 4
Where: Available only on Netflix Instant
Why: As part of Netflix's several television shows

This week on what to watch on Netflix, will be highlighting the 4th season of Arrested Development that's now available on Netflix Instant only. Amazingly and a delight to many fans, Netflix decided to bring back the popular cult show a few years ago and now it has returned with its own season. While the new Arrested Development still has your beloved characters and their absolute idiotic insanity (Tobias), the new season lacks the hysterics the old ones had. There aren't nearly half a dozen laugh out loud funny moments, and you don't necessarily warm up to the characters either.
The show does highlight from bringing in new characters, including Ron Howard as himself, and Seth Rogan as a younger version of George Blooth.
Overall, Netflix could have done alot better screen writing that could have made the season much better and more interesting.



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