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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Jack White's Lazaretto is decent

What: Music Review
Who: Jack White
When: June 2014
Why: His second studio album, Lazaretto

White, Jack White. You all know him by now. The legendary musician and front man of the White Stripes have certainly made news of himself, for better or worse. Now the guitarists returns with his second studio effort, Lazaretto.
Whatever the case, White is never afraid to go bold in his music, and his new album defines that meaning. Huge guitar riffs and blasting vocals are heard on just about every track. While Lazaretto may not be as clean and awe inspiring as Blunderbuss, it's a significant piece of musical work from White. It shows that the musician is still not afraid to take chances as he blends in rock with blues and other genres more so than ever. It also proclaims that in his growing of age, White has come to a realization that talent and hard work can be seen no matter what the negative aspects of one's ego or self image might become.
Lazaretto certainly isn't White's best work, but it isn't his worst either. Fans of the White Stripes will be pleased, yet, perhaps we are all hoping for a more softer and emotional side of the guitarist for a next release effort.



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