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Friday, June 20, 2014

Orphan Black is a sci fi masterpiece

What: T.V. Review
Who: Orphan Black, Season 1
When: June 2014
Why: As part of Wildfire Reviews what to watch series

Whoever says there is no good television shows anymore is dead wrong. To those, meet Orphan Black, a show that's altogether one of the best ever science fiction shows to premiere on regular television. Why? Because everything about the show is done extremely well, and simply, its fascinating. By the fourth episode you are drawn into its astounding world and the many personalities of its strong lead female character. Think Girl With the Dragon Tattoo meets Alias under a science fiction premise and you get the idea. It's so compelling to watch that Orphan Black its hard to turn away from any episode. To be frank, its a masterpiece.
Let's hope its around for at least a few more seasons, low and behold that finally someone somewhere has come up with something completely original and down right exciting.

Grade: A+

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