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Monday, June 23, 2014

Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds rock the Long Branch Jam

What: Concert Review
Who: Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds
Where: Long Branch Park, Liverpool, NY
When: June 22, 2014
Why: As part of the Long Branch Park Summer Jam Festival
Sister Sparrow performs at the Long Branch Park Summer Jam Festival 2014

Yesterday was perfect weather for a summer music festival. With temperatures hovering around 80s degrees and brightly sunny, the day was perfect for a handful of bands to descent to Liverpool, NY of all places for an all day music festival event. Headlining Long Branch Jam was up and coming Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds, who also played SXSW festival earlier this year in Austin.
Long Branch Park is no doubt a perfect place to hold concerts, with its natural amphitheater settings similar to Paper Mill Island in Baldwinsville, NY. Despite it being only the second Long Branch Jam, with more guidance, this place has potential to be a prime festival with the right bands & booking in the near future.
It was easy to say that Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds rocked out the place when they graced the stage around 8PM last night. Despite being barely 5 feet tall, front woman Sister Sparrow proved anything but petite tonight. Her energy commanded the stage as her vocals flowed well the music behind her as she danced around gracefully.
The Dirty Birds were an impressive group all together, with a great horn section and Sister Sparrow's older brother on the harmonica. They proved themselves as having a bright future in store for them when their sound finally takes off. While the band isn't a big name yet, they soon will, especially with the live & energetic set they performed last night.
While the set only lasted an hour, it was worth going to. The group performed some fantastic covers-including their own version of Rock N Roll by Led Zeppelin mixed in with Bulls on Parade by Rage Against the Machine that was the highlight of the night.
With a little push, Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Bird's jazzy funky sound can be a great treat to many music fans alike. The only disappointment of last night was the band's shortened set list, and they could have easily played for another half hour or so.

B+ or A-
Opening Brass Hip Hop Band from NYC:


Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds:

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