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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Jenny Lewis's 'Voyager' is a great new album

What: Album Review
Who: Jenny Lewis
When: August 2014
Why: Jenny Lewis's 3rd Solo album

Everyone loves Jenny Lewis, and that's because the girl has it all-true talent, looks and charm. Her talent outshines itself in her new studio effort, 'The Voyager', which displays her vocals, song writing and acoustic guitar playing in great physical form.
While 'The Voyager' may not be her best studio release as a solo artist-for that, fans can only agree that 'Acid Tongue' was a simple amazing piece of work, it is something fresh and new that listeners can enjoy without having too many negative things to say. And that's always a good thing.
Jenny Lewis has a knack for song writing, and in 'The Voyager', that's a huge highlight. She has a few beautifully written songs across the album, especially the last track which happens to be the title name. The thing that's great about Jenny Lewis's songs is that they are not all about her, in fact most of them are about other characters which are on full display here.
'The Voyager' is an album that focuses much on love, yet it doesn't get boring halfway through and Jenny's voice is as perfect as ever and goes well with each song she's recorded. It's a must listen to to any Jenny Lewis fan, and as much as its a folksy sounding piece of work, 'The Voyager' is also a bit on the country side as well.

Grade: A-

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