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Friday, August 8, 2014

Dickey Betts does an average performance at Paper Mill Island

Wildfire Reviews
What: Concert Review
Who: Dickey Betts & Great Southern
When: Thursday, August 7th, 2014
Where: Paper Mill Island, Bville, NY
Why: As Part of Dickey Betts ongoing tours without the ABB

Last night former Allman Brothers Band member Dickey Betts performed with his group Great Southern at the Paper Mill Island in Bville. The weather was absolutely perfect for a concert-clear blue skies and temperatures in the mid 70s. This provided great atmosphere for the show as people flocked to the island with their lawn chairs as they usually do, ready to enjoy live music for the night.
The opening bands sounded a bit off, which was unfortunate because it was a chance for Dickey to be able to hear what Syracuse has to offer. Yet last night wasn’t anything to bark about in terms of local talent at that show, even one of the bands managed to mess up on the Star spangle banner. However, this might have been because the bands were told at the last minute to perform at the secondary stage instead of the main one (which could have been because of Paper Mill's early sound policy).
Dickey Betts was able to make up for some of that disappointment; however, it wasn’t the greatest concert of the summer by any means. The entire performance was just average, not great, but not bad either.  There wasn’t anything eye popping about his performance.  There were some nice solos thrown in during the set, including an impressive drum off.
Despite these facts, the crowd was dancing and having fun and that’s what matters. Most of the people there were in their 40s or older.  Some young couples and folks made up a pleasant sight to see as they meandered around the island and came up front for Dickey later.
Across the river tons of people seemed to come to listen to the concert for free, bringing lawn chairs and coolers of their own to escape the $30 cover charge. This was a first for Paper Mill Island, and hopefully they can change that within the near future so it wont be too much of a huge impact on their concert bookings.
 It was good to hear some great Allman Brothers Band songs from the guitarist, including Rambling Man and Jessica towards the end of his set.
One of the things that was off beat about the show was that Dickey only said a few words to the Audience and that was ‘thank you’ at the end of the set.
Despite the set backs, Dickey has a great back up band now, Great Southern who hold some talented musicians both old and young in age that show signs of a promising future and good skill.
While the concert may not have been completely worth going to, it’s good to say that to all those who went that we’ve now seen a legendary guitarist, Dickey Betts.
Grade: B- or C+
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