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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

What to watch on demand: Spectacular Now is full of heart

Wildfire Reviews what to watch on your Instant Streaming Device
Who: The Spectacular Now
Where: Amazon Prime Instant Video
Why: As Part of Amazon's new streaming video service that's similiar to netflix
When: August 2014

As part of this weeks what to watch on Demand series, we'll focus on The Spectacular Now, an indie coming of age film that was released in theaters last year. The film received high critic praise and after watching it one can understand why. It's not just your typical coming of age love story, although that's what the film is about.
Great acting, storyline, directing and even cinematography nods make the Spectacular Now more than just a cute movie. The Film stars up and coming actors Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley (Who's in the Divergent movies) as teenagers in a suburbia like town that are at the edge of their spectrums who fall in love. Both are surprisingly great acting wise in the film showing off some new talent that has signs of potential, despite Woodley failing utterly in Divergent. This movie makes up for that, and the other actors in the film do a good job as well.
 Even guys can appreciate the film because its also funny as well as serious and thought provoking.
Altogether, it's worth giving up your time and taking interest in something new that's not your typical summer block buster.
Grade: A

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