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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Best of 2014: Song, Music Video, & Festival of the year

What: Best of 2014
Who: Wildfire Reviews
When: 2014
Where: United States
Why: As part of the never ending media's best of 2014

Welcome to Wildfire Reviews best of 2014, where we'll be reviewing the years best music festivals, albums, movies, music videos, movie trailers, tv shows & more in mass media.

Here are some new toppings for you!

Best Song of 2014:

Taylor Swift's Shake it Off

It's no doubt that Taylor Swift has taken 2014 by storm, and it has paid off. Shake it Off has been one of the most top played and top requested songs of the year on radio stations across the nation and it's no wonder why.
It's an epic dance tune from start to finish, and it shows how country dream star Taylor Swift, who was just a baby in the music world several years ago, truly has talent and is one of the dominating forces in media right now.

Best Music Video:
Katy Perry: Dark Horse
It's one of the most seen videos on you tube, ever almost reaching 1 billion views.
After watching it just one time, you'll understand why.
Despite the intense criticism over the video in recent days, Katy Perry's Dark Horse is almost a movie in itself. Everything about it is eye popping and wonderful, so take a step back and watch it one more time as 2014's best music video:

Best Festival of the year: Forecastle Festival

Out of the several festivals Wildfire Reviews had a chance of attending (Mountain Jam, Syracuse Jazzfest, and others), Forecastle Festival is without a doubt the BEST music festival of 2014.
Having been to Lollapalooza several times, Forecastle Festival really outshines its overshadowing and dominating Midwest neighbor in Chicago. The location of the festival is perfect, with great reviews looking over the Ohio River, and their lineups the last few years, especially this past year, have been nothing but perfect.
Forecastle Festival also does a great job providing high quality food, drinks and other entertainment to besides the music.

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