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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Seeds is a good new album from TOTR

What: Music Review
Who: TV on the Radio
When: December 2014
Why: the band's fifth studio album

Indie rockers and hipsters can rejoice because their favorite indie group TV on the Radio have just released a new album, Seeds. The album is the fifth studio release from the Brooklyn, NY rock group.
Seeds isn't the best album the band's ever done, but it's far from their worst. In fact, its a fairly good effort that shows how talented these musicians are and how great their vocalist can blend in with the rest of the music.
It sounds like TV on the Radio and that's always a good thing. It seems to be almost sharper edged than the rest of the work their done as well, and the songs seem professional and well done and thought out. While it sometimes sounds poppy, in other times its the exact opposite into weird and Mars Volta like tunes.
Fans of the band wont be disappointed, and the group maybe even draw in some new listeners as well for Seeds and that's what a new album is suppose to do. It's not a perfect new indie album, and it might not even be as good as Nine Types of Light (their last record), but it's not bad and interesting to listen to to say the least.

B+ or A-

newest singe/video:

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