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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Samantha Fish amplifies Homer, A+

What: Concert Review
Who: Samantha Fish
When: January 31st
Where: Center of the Arts, Homer, NY
Samantha Fish performs Saturday Night in Homer, NY

Tonight, a legendary new face of the blues, Samantha Fish, packed an intimate venue in Homer, NY. It was a concert filled with sound, blues fans and a musician with heart and soul that made the concert one of the best shows Upstate NY has seen in a long time. Samantha Fish proved to everyone that she's a force to be reckoned with, satisfying old and new fans a like with an impressive three hour set list.

Everything about the concert was unique, especially the venue where it was held. One look at the building as soon as you were coming up to it and you knew you were in for intimate show. For those that never been to the Center of the Arts before  the place can only could hold around two or three hundred people at maximum.

But that was enough to keep the energy flowing, and despite the crowd older aged and mostly sitting down for the show, they showed their appreciation with nodding and smiling heads throughout the night. You knew everyone was having a fun time at the show, especially Fish, who even after a three hour performance seemed she was still fool of energy. She made playing the blues guitar and cigar box look easy, and that voice of hers filled the small Church room with serene notes that blended perfectly with the type of music she sings.

Grammy nominated Bassist Scott Suthorland jammed out on the bass as well adding to the night his own mixtures of talented sounds and solos. He's a good counter part to Fish and can carry her throughout the night, making expressions of his own.

The set list was fantastic, with Fish playing almost everyone of her tunes from both her albums. She did a fantastic job on 'Black Wind Howlin' 'Lay it Down', and 'Money to Burn.' The Samantha Fish band also did another impressive covers, including a great version of Rolling Stone's 'Wild Horses' and her ending signature cover of 'War Pigs'.

Fish didn't shy away from her signature cigar box guitars either, which brought cheers and shouts to the crowd as soon as she brought them out to play. She nailed them as easy as a piece of cake, which was brought out later in the evening in an emotional moment since it was Samantha Fish's birthday the previous night and Scott's birthday the same night.
The people of the venue, especially the owner was especially kind and considerate, explaining how the venue use to be a church and for the past ten years is now the arts center for Homer.

Samantha seemed very excited and honored to play the small venue, and despite there only being a few hundred people in the audience, that didn't stop her from delivering one of the best blues performances in the past several years in Upstate NY. Samantha Fish is one of those artists who seems to keep getting better by the day and minute, and nothing can stop her delivering the blues.
The only thing bad about the concert was being at such a small room and venue, the sound amplified, and when the Samantha Fish band was really rocking out hard to the blues the sound was over powering. The sound was awesome and beautiful, but there was some times during the show where it was almost too much. Despite this, the acoustics sounded absolutely perfect, especially with great vocals to match with them coming from Samantha.

However that was the only bad thing about the concert, everything else was perfect and spot on. Fish herself was beautiful wearing an amazing silver shiny dress that matched the drum set and a bad ass scull scarf, because, hey she's Samantha Fish.
Another great thing at the concert wasn't Fish but one of the fans themselves. There were several raffles going on at the event, and one of the raffles the winner was announced that evening and one $130. The guy who was front row at the balcony was offered to come down stage mid point in the show and collect his winnings, but he was extremely generate and donated it to the venue. One more thing to make the evening unique and spectacular in its own way.

Any blues fan should listen to Samantha Fish, because she's one of the best live performers in the genre today.

Grade: A

A or A+

Photos & Setlist coming soon

Photos by Leo Pareti

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