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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

True Detective is one of the best new shows on telivision right now, A

What: TV review
Who: True Detective
When: February 2015
Where: HBO

Wildfire Reviews sometimes tends to like to stand out from other critics, but there is no denying the fact that HBO's new television show, True Detective, is one of the best new T.V. shows out there. The T.V. show captures you right after the first several scenes and your unable to look away, despite some brutal visuals.
Everything about the show is almost perfect, and while there are a few minor setbacks, the pluses outweigh them by far. True Detective is not just another detective television show but shows a promising and bright future with everything viewers can expect and be entertained with, and what more can you ask for?
The biggest thing in True Detective that draws you in is powerful acting and chemistry between the two lead actors, Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelsen. These two are a perfect combination on screen and work extremely well with one another, and of course, McConaughey is spot on with his performance. His acting in True Detective should please die hard fans and make some new ones.
One slightly bad thing about the show are the 'religious' murder crime scenes which feels like it's been done before way too many times.
The style, vision and over all feel of True Detective is great as well, making it a detective show that can be enjoyed by almost everyone, even those who don't follow the genre.

A or A+

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