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Monday, April 6, 2015

Death Cab for Cutie's new album is better the second time around, B+

Who: Death Cab for Cutie
What: album Review
When: April 2015
Why: the band's eigth studio release record
Above: Death cab's newest single

Followed by Death Cab's previously released album, Codes + Keys, Kintsugi isn't a redefining album. Rather it helps builds on you every time you listen to it, like most Death Cab albums do, and is a nice send off to Chris Walla, an original member, who recently left the band shortly after the album was finished.
You could say Kintsugi sounds like a lot of other Death Cab's album, but after the first or even second listen, the songs grow more and more and you could hear how well Benjamin's Gibbard's vocals mix in with the rest of the music. It's a well balanced album despite sounding like previously released material. Most Death Cab for Cutie fans will be impressed by some of the Gothic over tones throughout the album, especially in the song 'The Ghosts of Beverly Drive."
However, especially with the lead guitarist's departure from the band, Death Cab could have done a lot better, and in several ways, Codes + Keys still remains a stronger album of the two and one of the strongest of their career.
Death Cab for Cutie is another indie rock group who's at a midway point. With a strong fan base and an original sound, they've got nothing left to hide or prove and still show a promising future.

Overall grade: B+

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