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Monday, August 31, 2015

Hank Williams JR stays true to country @ New York State Fair, A

Above: Hank Williams JR performs @ the Grandstand at the NY State Fair.
It was a dance swinging good time last night as country legend Hank Williams JR rocked out to the great NY state fair Grandstand. He was a perfect choice to be one of the last few remaning concerts at the historic venue and performed a great concert from start to finish.
It was a little bit muggy, but besides from that, the weather was perfect last night. As opener Chris Stapleton left the stage, a beautiful sunset crept over the Grandstand. Later on during the night, a full moon glared down at the near sold out crowd as they sang their hearts out to some country classics.

Country cowboy Chris Stapelton opened the show, doing a great job with his wife and band behind him. His voice was perfect for the type of music he played. He was a good warmer upper for Hank, almost representing a modern form of the legend.
The crowd seemed to mightily approve of the newcomer as they watched him wail on his guitar and sing to his adoring wife aside him who provided back up vocals throughout their set. It was a perfect way to get everyone going for Hank.

When Hank graced the stage, everyone stood up on their feet and started dancing. As well as they should. The crowd was great, one of the best crowds at any summer concert in Upstate NY this year so far. They danced and sang to every Hank song he played. Both old and new fans filled the venue, with younger couples dancing and having a good time up at the front row next to the older New York cowboys and farmers in their straw hats.

'There's a big differance between the New York State Fair and New York City,' Hank Williams JR proclaimed. 'A BIG differance'.
Hank was explaining how as an artist he gets to choose where he performs, and that this wasn't his first Upstate NY rodeo. It was nothing but country from start to finish, and it was a nice to be able to see an artist who hasn't strayed from his roots.

Perhaps the best thing about the show was Hank Williams JR's respect for other country legends. He honored June Carter Cash who happens to be his godmother, and played a handful of covers including a few of his dads tune.
Of course, Hank didn't shy away from playing all of his hits as well. Half of his set was acoustic, which was an extremely pleasant change of pace to hear the country singer get down and stripped for some of his biggest songs.

The most awesome thing to take away from last night was how great of a guitar player Hank Williams JR really is. He's just as good a guitar player as all the musical legends from Buddy Guy to George Thorogood, who he mentioned several times during his performance. It was a perfect concert setting for the departure of an Upstate NY piece of history.
All Photo Credit Rachel Van Slyke
Chris Stapelton @ the New York State Grandstand opening for Hank

 Hank Williams JR: 

Grandstand Crowd:

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