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Friday, August 7, 2015

Wilco returns with Star Wars, B-

Although the new Wilco album is scratchy in several spots, its still an interesting new breathe from one of indie's most beloved rock bands. And lets face it, Wilco+Star Wars is every music nerd's dream.

Everyone is on a Star Wars train this year-including the rock band Wilco, it seems. Their new album which was sort of a 'Wow' instant moment release, is surprisingly not bad despite some incredibly scratchy parts and uneven meladies. For spare of the moment stuff, it's actually pretty decent. Star Wars might not be Wilco's best album, but it's a fresh new turn for the band.
For what Wilco did with the album in such a short time frame, it's rather good and fans will be delighted. Who can't resist the spacy pop charm of 'Random Name Generator'?
The best thing about Star Wars is that it's noisy as ever, and frontman Tweedy is apparently not slowing down anytime soon which is awesome. Several songs sounds like they would be fantastic to hear live as well. Theres some powerful and impressive guitar work and pop indie mayhem in Star Wars that make Wilco who they are.
Although it's not their best album by a long shot, Star Wars is successful in the terms that it was finished and released in such a random and short time. Who knows, the band may receive some new fans as well.

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