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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

What to skip on demand: TMNT (2014) D+

Despite an effort by Megan Fox, the new TMNT is campy fun at the best efforts. Short on laughs and sour special effects, the 2014 effort film is a reminder that there's always next time for these beloved characters.

Although it's not entirely aweful film, the new TMNT doesn't serve the characters justice. Cutting big CGI special effects isn't necessarily the best thing for the turtles, and at the best of times, the special effects are all hokey. It's as if the TMNT decided to go on to being in a Transformer movie, which is always a bad thing.
The movie also tries to be funny but ultimately fails each time, even with Will Arnett as a side character. Even the movie's top villain, shredder, could have been done much more better than he was on screen.
Perhaps next time more light will be shined on Raphael, Michelangelo, Leonardo & Donatello. Until then, this one is a skip.

Where can you watch it if you really want to see it?: NETFLIX

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