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Friday, August 14, 2015

Samantha Fish Band goes to wonderland @ Garden Vibes, A

 Above: Samantha Fish Band plays @ Garden Vibes in Rochester, NY on Wed, August 12th, 2015
It was a perfect weather day for the amazing Samantha Fish when her three piece band graced the stage at the George Eastman's House Garden Vibes. The venue, sound and day itself made the show extra special for everyone, and the new songs from Wild Heart sound absolutely incredible live.

Having never been to any of the beautiful George Eastman House's Garden concerts, it was like stepping into the first scenes of An Alice in Wonderland movie. The part right before Alice goes down the rabbit hole and goes to her 'family party' on the big green lawn. It was simply beautiful. It was an odd but relaxing place for a concert with people setting up lawn chairs all around the gardens making it difficult to move back and forth. However, it was worth it when the Samantha Fish Band graced the stage for a two hour set at 6PM.
Lovely and enchanting herself, Samantha Fish proved yet again how incredible she is on guitar and lead vocals. She truly doesn't need any back up-however her two new guys did a wonderful job of doing exactly that. Go-Go was powerful as ever on the drums, and her new base player, although young, seems to be a good fill in for Keith.
But let's be honest. Samantha was the highlight of the show. Her grace and voice were better than ever. The set list comprised of mostly songs from Wild Heart, which certainly isn't a bad thing because the album has been on top of the blues charts for several weeks now. The new songs sound amazing live, especially 'Place to Fall', 'Turn it up' and 'Wild Heart' itself.
Of course, Samantha took the time to meet all the fans after the show, showing she's just as charming as how good she is on the guitar.
Although the crowd were mostly people above their forties and fifties, there were some dancers to the right side of the stage which delighted Samantha. The perfect day and beautiful venue provided a great time and another good concert for the Samantha Fish Bish.
Photos by Justin Gorelick & Leo Pareti

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