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Monday, August 10, 2015

What to watch on Demand: Wet Hot American Summer (The Movie), B+

While you've got to fully appreciate it's sense of humor in order to enjoy it, Wet Hot American summer can be both a comical and a classic 'B' film.

The acting is horrible. The funding is horrible and you could tell Wet Hot American Summer was porbably made in less than a month, perhaps a week. Yet, there's some parts of you that will laugh along with its constant stupidy and satire. Despite being made in the 000's, Wet Hot American Summer is a brain child of the 80s, or a fried brain cell.
The best thing about Wet Hot American Summer is of the jokes, because when they do work, it's pretty damn funny and it's hard not to laugh along. The characters are straight out of the 80s, and one can appreciate an early Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler in the film and the roles they play.
Wet Hot American Summer is one of those films that you can tell was definately not very well liked when it first came out to theaters, but destined to become a cult classic.
Nowadays, like the Big Lewbowski, its enteirely worth watching and actually entertaining.

Where can you watch it?
Because it's an instant cult film. And now there's a T.V. show
What's next?
If you haven't seen it by now, The Big Lewbowski

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