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Monday, September 28, 2015

Ant-man is a classic marvel film that's loads of fun, A-

In today's world, even the smallest of super heroes gets they're own films. Laugh out loud funny and bolstered by a surprisingly good performance by Paul Rudd, Antman is a good addition to Marvel's film universe.
Lately, everything that's come out from Marvel, minus Fantastic Four, has been a smash hit both cirtically and nationally. Ant-man is no exception.
It's a surprisngly great film from beginning to end, with tons of great action pieces and superb special effects. On the other side, Ant-man actually has a pretty decent story that's bolstered by some good acting. What more can a film, especially a super hero one, can ask for?
Lost's Evangeline Lilly does a pretty good acting job as Hope Van Dyke, although time will tell to see if she's a great fit for super hero films like fellow actresses Gwynth Paltrow, Natalie Portman, Emma Stone and Kristen Dunst.
What makes Ant-man work is it's humor. It's constantly funny from everyone involved in the film. It's a super hero movie that both kids and adults can love.
Another good thing about the film is how well it ties in with the Avengers, which could have been epically bad. Marvel fans will no doubt be looking forward to Antman's apperance in the next Avengers film, because the film was well worth going to in the theater.
It's not a perfect super hero film, and it may not be as great as last years breakway hit Guardians of the Galaxy, but Antman is still clever & fun.

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