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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Nothing More gives Syracuse its all despite feeling like 'Caged Animals', A-

Above: Lead singer Johnny Hawkins of Nothing More @ Lost Horizon September 23rd, 2015
Last night, hardcore up and coming Texas based metal group Nothing More performed for a packed concert at the Lost Horizon. 'We feel like caged animals up here,' Lead singer Johnny Hawkins proclaimed to the pumped up crowd as they tour through another song off their acclaimed self titled album.
Despite this, and everyone in the crowd literally feeling like sardines, Nothing More played a powerful, yet amazing set. The Texas group showed Syracuse some love, and it was clear Mr. Hawkins wanted to give us a good time no matter what happened.
It was awesome seeing a rock group perform an album from front to back. They played the self titled record in its enteritity, including some older songs as well. It was a warm welcome towards the end when everyone screamed the words to 'Jenny' and 'This is the Time'. Nothing More even performed and impressive cover of Shinedown's Enemies, who they've opened up for in the past..
One of the highlights of the night included when all the members sat around and banged on the drum sets as if it were campfire story.
Perhaps the best song of the night was Nothing More's last, Burn the Witch, in which Johnny Hawkins announced they weren't like every rock band. 'We think encores are kind of overrated, so were giving you guys our 150 percent on this last song. We hope we give us back something in return.'
Opening groups for the Monster Energy festival included Turbo Wolf, The Color Morale (Who had to step in on the tour because of another group's singer broke his leg and cancelled the dates) and Seperations. It was the first time English rock group Turbo Wolf came to America to play. It was great seeing how much respect all the musicians had for one another.
The crowd consisted of mostly younger folk under the age of 21, but there were a few older hard rock fans that loved Nothing More and had seen them multiple times. It was a good even split between men and women at the crowd as well. There were several miss behaviors in the crowd, and surprisingly there was a moshpit upfront in the pit at the Lost in the insanely small compact space up there, but otherwise the crowd behaved themselves for the most part.
The Nothing More concert, although insanely crowded because it was at The Lost Horizon, will be something to talk about for a while for Syracusegoers.
Photos coming Soon!!!

1) Christ Copyright
2) Mr. MTV
3) First punch
4) Gyre
5) The Matthew Effect
6) I'll be OK
7) Here's to the heartache
8) If I were
9) Friendly Fire
10) Sex & Lies
11) Enemies
12) Surface Flames
12 Base Solo
13) Take a Bullet
14) Jenny
15) This is the Time
16) Salem (Burn the Witch)

All Photo Credit Rachel F. VanSlyke

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