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Friday, September 4, 2015

Foals creates a great new album, A-

Foals returns with an another great indie record, proving their not just another Kasabian or English rock band invating the U.S.

For a band that may not be as indie as the Editors nor mainstream rock like Kasabian, Foals have released a powerful new album that shows them a bright and promisng future. With only one or two tracks that aren't too up to snuff, the rest are just pure awesome and represent who the band really is.
What makes the best thing about What Went Down is how it's so unlike previous Foals albums. They've seem to correct their mistakes of the past few records they've done, and to any band, that's a great thing.
It's a perfect length for what it is as well.
Another thing wonderful about Foals is the amount of creativity they put in their music as well. Each song is differant from the other, although each one is danceable and enjoyable to listen to.
What Went Down is solid indie rock without trying to be indie rock, and future english indie groups should try and look up to this record as an example for what they can do.
Give it All and Lonely Hunter represent some of the best songs on the albums and are worth a listen to any modern rock fans.
What Went Down is a must purchase for any fan of the band, and they may even make some new ones as well.
Newist single:

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