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Thursday, September 3, 2015

What to watch on demand: AOS, S2, A

Despite lesser appearances by Fitz & Simmons, Marvel's Agents of Shield returns with a fist in Season Two. Everything is bigger and grander, and the series looses it's goofyness and actually benefits from being more serious.

If anyone has had any doubts upon Agents of Shield, you can cancel those now. Season two explodes back in telivision with some of the best narrative focus in recent T.V. history. Great directing helps pack the show with awesome scenes and special effects.
It's as if the show decided to grow up for a bit. It's more mature, more with a heavy heart than anything else. Even Colson himself seems to have shed his older skin, proving to be a top guy now. Introducing some new characters may not have been a bad thing either, as each shows a promising storyline with great acting, something rare with these types of shows.
The premeire episode was highly entertaining, giving viewers a satisfying wanting to see more of season two, and that's all a series needs to do for its sophmore season.
Of course, Shield's obsession with Skye is still there, and her character shows even more signs of advancement.
For now, Agents of Shield comes back even better than the first season. While still boatloats of fun, it's more entertaining and thrilling than ever.
Where can I watch it? Netflix

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