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Monday, October 5, 2015

The Martian is one of this year's best films, A

Above: Matt Damon as astronaut Mark Whatney in 2015's The Martian.
For once, a film stays truthful to the novel it's based on. The result is an emotionally warm film full of human values and charm, despite it being mostly centered on one man on Mars. Matt Damon gives a tremendous performance as Mark Whatney, and the film is beautiful directed by Ridley Scott.

There's nothing really bad about The Martian, and that alone makes it a great film because some may view the novel as hard to convert onto the big screen. Yet, Ridley Scott does a fine job on everything the novel was about, especially mark Whatney's character performed wonderfully by Damon.
The shots of the Martian landscape were alone amazing. It's interesting to see Hollywood's continued crush on NASA taking so many differant turns over the past few years.
Interstellar and Gravity, although both space films revolving around Nasa, were so completely different its like comparing apples to oranges. And here comes The Martian, another film that's set in space and centered around NASA but completely different than the other two..
What makes the Martian so unusual, and perhaps the best out of the three of them, is how much human emotion it has in it. Matt Damon's performance gives us all a reminder of what being human is like, and the simple notion of what it can be like if other people were all taken away in an instant. Yet, his charm and jokes brings out the best in people.
Another thing that helps improve on the Martian is how nerdy and scientifically tech it is. In a recent article, NASA even praised the film for how scientifically accurate it is. That's something to be impressed about by itself as the space agency doesn't hand over too many compliments to Hollywood lightly.
Although outshadowed by Damon, The Martian brings forth a talented cast including Jessica Chastain, Jeff Daniels and Kristen Wig. Chastain could have done a little bit better with her acting performance as hard edged ship captain Lewis, but Matt Damon made up for it. Interestingly, both Damon's and Chastain's last film was Interstellar.
The best thing about this film was hands down a true return to form by Ridley Scott. It's nice to see the director in full force again, giving movie audiences something to admire and appreciate. After his last few films, it's nice to see he's back in action making great movies.

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