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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Delirium is an 'OK' effort by Ellie Goulding, C+

Even though it's a pretty ambitious album, Ellie Goulding's 'Delirium' is overly long and nowhere near as great as her previous records.

Goodbye old self. Hello Pop star. Over the past year, Ellie Goulding has exploded onto the music scene. The pop star went from being somebody to keep an eye out on to national sensation over night.
Which is fantastic for her, but with the case like many others before her, sometimes fame can get into your head.
Delirium is a solid new album from the 28 year old British pop star. It's overly crowded with glittery pop songs from left to right. However, that head rush we know and love from Goulding isn't unfortunately there on any one of them.
While there are some songs on the album that show signs of greatness like 'Codes' 'Army' and 'Scream it out' most of them represent modern pop at its glorious. They are almost repetituve-but not the same as current pop stars who are topping the charts, which is unusual Goulding would attach herself to something like that.
Overall, Delirium can't really make up for it's bad sides. The last two albums gy Goulding were so ground breaking and folk-EDM enjoyable it's a small step back for the pop diva. We say small because there is some progression on several songs, and no matter what, her success is booming right now.
Ellie Goulding certainly deserves it too, because she is extremely talented-she just needs to find her own talents and voice in today's emmense pop world.
Below: On my Mind the new single from Ellie Goulding

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