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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Q & A with Driftwood's Joey Arcuri

This week Wildfire Reviews had a great conversation with Joey Arcuri, stand up bassist for Driftwood.
Above: Driftwood's video for The Sun's Going Down.
Wildfire Reviews:
Do you guys have any new music coming out?

Joey Arcuri.
We're actually working on a new record right now. We are hoping for a release date around June or July next year (2016)

How did you guys meet up as a group?

I actually joined the group later on. Claire, Joe and Dan had already been playing in local bars. A mutual friend introduced me to them, and that's how we kind of came all together.

I've noticed with your music that song writing is a huge influence with your band. Do you guys write all of your own songs?

“Yes we do. We’ve been writing all of our own material since the beginning. Song writing is a new thing for me personally. It’s such an art. I’ve gained so much respect for it, living around Dan Forsyth, Joe Kollar, and Claire Byrne. I love their writing so much.”
Are the songs based on in real life events, or are they stories or a little bit of both?

“It’s situational. Lots of our songs are based on personal experiences. It’s also nice to get creative and write a song about something other than yourself. Yet when you do that, you can still find you find things about it that relate to you. So my answer is both.”

Comment: I really love that Outer Space song! It's one of your guys best.

Joey A: Yes, thank you. That's a song all of us wrote together, I think it really came out well too.

Q: What are some of your favorite groups right now?
A: I really like Vampire Weekend. One of my favorite records is Fleet Foxes's Helplessness Blues. 
Joni Mitchell's Blue is also a huge influence. I love Ryan Adams as well.

Q: Do you get to see other bands and concerts ?
A: I do! One of my favorite shows of all time was when Tedeschi Trucks Band played the Crouse Hinds Theater in Syracuse not to long ago. I love watching other shows and seeing the entire production. It's really amazing.

Q: I see you guys are just starting to go on tour again.

A:  ”We are. Dan Forsyth had a beautiful baby boy a year ago. After his first year or parenting, he feels comfortable with going out for extended tours again. Nothing too crazy. We just got back from a great 2 week run down to North Carolina. We’re excited to play Saratoga Springs and Syracuse this weekend.”

Q: What are some of your favorite places or venues you like going to on tour?

A: “Well, a venue that popped in my head is the Purple Fiddle in Thomas, West Virginia. It’s a great venue in a rather tourist-y town, where people come for the weekend to camp, hike, and cross country ski. It’s also always fun going to North Carolina. We’ve built up a nice fan base in North Carolina from playing the Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance in Pittsboro, NC.”

Q: How do you guys entertain yourself while on tour when your not playing music?

A: “Well, we spend most of our time in the van, traveling. We talk in the van. Talk about business, but mostly telling funny stories and laughing. I’ve recently created a trivia game. I sync up game show effects from Spotify and play them through a speaker. Wrong buzzer sounds and right answer applause. It’s really funny. If I’m feeling it, I create a “loser reward”. This is something that the loser has to do at the next rest stop. For instance, Claire lost, and she had to say to the cashier person of her choice, “that’s gravy baby”, at some point during her interaction. Our friend Jeff Estes lost once, and he had to ask, “Do you have a spa here?”. It’s so funny. It’s things that aren’t incredibly embarrassing, but just annoying to have to do. Man, we get giddy and laugh so hard while walking into those gas stations.”

What do you like most about playing hometown gigs like the Westcott?

I love hometown shows because It's great having family and friends you know for so long come out and enjoy the shows with the fans.

Driftwood will be playing the Westcott Theater this Saturday December 12th. Be sure to Check it out!

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