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Monday, February 15, 2016

It might not be as great as everyone suggests, but You, Me and the Apocalypse is still fairly decent, B-

Jenna Fischer in 2016's You me and the Apocalypse
Although it's very original despite the common theme it's based on, You, Me, and the Apocalypse takes a while to get drawn into. The laughs are far from one another and it struggles to decide what kind of show it wants to be.
However, the fascinating characters and the apocalypse itself make it worthwhile to watch.
Everything about You, Me, and the Apocalypse is weird. The characters are perhaps the most odd bunch of people you might ever see on one television show. It's extremely serious and depressing one minute and then there are some funny parts. Some episodes are 30 minutes and others are over 40. All of this is what helps make You, Me and the Apocalypse become interesting and unique. But, there's too many negatives to make this a great.
One of the negatives is that today's audience is so much familiar n the subject matter that it gets tiring after a while. Last year we only had the breakout success of the Last Man on Earth, and before that we had Seaking a Friend for the End of the world, both of which are very similar to YM&TA.
Despite this fact, You me and the Apocalypse is surprisingly original. It has it's own story line that's different than some of the other works of film & television that are in its own genre. The best thing it has going for it is its characters.
The characters are all fascinating in their own way, and despite how the show is set up, which can be annoying at times, they are each the highlight.
There's some surprisingly good acting throughout the show as well, and if anything, your drawn into these characters more so then anything else.
And that's what helps make You Me and the Apocalypse a fairly good new television show. It might not be as great as the Last Man on Earth, nor as funny, but this new show might be worth while to dig into.
It has an interesting story line that can certainly get better as the show progresses.

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