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Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Wilderness is a taste of the South & Spring, A-

Everyone's favorite indie instrumental rock group, Explosions in the Sky, have returned with yet another spring album, The Wilderness. The album is a collection of new songs that's a reminder of Texas spring skies and motorcycles. It's classic Explosions in the Sky.
Some bands just release albums at a certain time of year-and Explosions in the Sky is one of them. Unlike most of these groups, Explosion's music just sounds like a taste of fresh air, and that's certainly true of their new record, The Wilderness. While it may not be completely different or anything new from their original recordings, the new album is still catchy and will please most fans without a doubt.
However, not making new sounds but creating similar tunes actually benefits Explosions in the Sky. The album is just short of perfection and the Texas band certainly gained momentum with Wilderness.
Each song on the album is massively textured, making the album a unified production. The result is a beautiful piece of music, filled with a surprising amount of imagery for a group with no lead vocals.
But this is what Explosion in the Sky do, and in the Wilderness, they do it amazingly well. Great guitar work and synthesizing music flow from the beginning of the album to the end. It's a wonderful and easy listen to, and especially great on road trips.
Even though it's nothing new, The Wilderness is a unique spring album that truly feels like spring and is worth the listen to for any Explosion fan.

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