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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Floodwood funk up Smoke Signals, A

This past Friday night, Utica based bluegrass group Floodwood rocked Smoke Signals in downtown Lake Placid. A decent sized crowd gathered up to watch some incredible musicians jam out for a dancing good time.
The weather was perfect, and let's face it, anything in Lake Placid is good, especially seeing live music at a historic downtown bar. Floodwood brought up their funky bluegrass to the North Country with great success. The two hour plus show was well worth going to, making Friday night fun and eventful for those who attended.
The best thing about the Friday night concert was that Floodwood brought in some special guests with them. Moe. member Vinnie Amico and Tony Markellis from Trey Anastasio joined the group alongside Castle Creek guitarist Chris Eve.
Each member of the group was the highlight of the night. They all had their moments, and the small but energetic crowd got a little crazy when the drum solo began. It was a night full of great music, and most importantly, dance friendly bluegrass.
Floodwood members Jason Barady and Nick Piccininni sure knew how to communicate with the crowd. They often stepped off the stage playing their instruments harder and faster then ever.
Special guest Chris Eve was just as great, playing his acoustic guitar just as fast and quick as the other members playing their violen and mandolin.
It was awesome hearing these instruments together. Floodwood does this right and so much more.
Of course, it was also fun being in the prescence of music legends Vinnie Amico and Tony Markellis.
The crowd dwindled down by the time the group finally finished thier last song for the night, but it was well worth the wait.
Floodwood are a great band to see live no matter where they are, in their hometown of Utica, NY or Summer Camp festival out in Illinois.
However, if you do get a chance to see them live, make sure you put on your dancing shoes!

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