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Monday, June 12, 2017

It Comes At Night isn't as great as what critics say, C+

Although it has the right recipe for an excellent horror flick, the new indie film It Comes At Night isn't as great as what the hype says.

The story line and plot for It Comes At Night is a fascinating idea; post apocalypse mixed in with edge of your seat horror. We haven't seen anything like this since the Road, and that really wasn't horror. It Comes At Night works great as a post apocalypse film, but unfortunately, when they try and blend in the horror elements it ultimately fails. There's several things about the film that just don't add it, making the plot suffer even though it could have been extremely good.

The acting in the film is actually surprisingly good, especially by the supporting actors. They do an excellent job with their roles, and It Comes At Night is almost worth watching because of the acting. 
However, even the acting can't save It Comes At Night.

The movie suffers from several loop holes in the plot. It also tries to hard to be a great horror flick when it should have just focused on what it's trying to tell us in the first place. Mixing post apocalypse and horror sounds like great idea, but unfortunately with It Comes At Night, it doesn't work out.  When they did add horror to it, they should have stuck with it. Adding a monster element to the story and then dropping it was the biggest let down of the film.

It doesn't work out because it tries adding a horror element but it never really captures what that could be. Instead, the film goes back to the post apolypstic touch, and to that regards, it does well. It's an excellent post apocalypse story from beginning to end, and if they would have stuck with that or added more horror elements to it, it would have been much better.

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