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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Wonder Woman is a fun super hero flick, A-

While it may not be as great as Logan, Wonder Woman packs a solid punch and is by far the best film form the new DC comic universe.

Never lose faith in your heroes. The success of Wonder Woman comes for a good reason. It's a stellar movie, with only a few flaws, and it's a perfect summer block buster comic book nerds and their girlfriends will enjoy. It's just a movie for nerds, but also women all around the world, giving us the ultimate female super hero that the world needs right now. Above all the CGI and wonder that Wonderwoman is, Gal Godot does an amazing job as the lead character, proving that the studio couldn't have done a better casting job.

The thing about Wonder Woman that defies it from other recent DC super hero flicks is that it just isn't a super hero movie. Although it's that genre but hero and heart, it's also full of charisma, wisdom, literature and a sense of what it means to be human. It's a great feel good movie from start to finish, and it's hard not to love this one. Every scene in the movie is great, especially the first 30 minutes of it when you get to see the amazing island of the Amazons.

You might think we're all tired of super hero origins stories, but Wonder Woman does it in such a way that's extremely entertaining and almost fascinating to watch. The story might be one for the books, and something that DC can finally sink their teeth into.
The CGI effects are also pretty spectacular in Wonder Woman, especially the last part of the film when she's fighting the villain. They do an amazing job on her shield and whip that truly makes this a super hero film.

All the acting in the film is done surprisingly well, especially by Chris Pine. He's excellent as Diana's friend she meets in the film. However, it's Gal Godot who's absolutely perfect and out shines every one else because that's what she's meant to do it. She does it surprisingly well.

The story line is what seperates Wonder Woman from the other DC films. It's fascinating to see her battle germans and enter World War I. In that regards, the film has common similarities with the fist Captain America movie with seeing super heroes enter historic wars.

The thing that doesn't make Wonder Woman a perfect super hero film is that there's lack of character development, especially the male parts. But this might make the movie special in its own way.
However, Wonder Woman is it's own film in every way, and really you don't have to watch Batman Vs Superman in order to watch it. That being said, it's recommended to watch before because Wonder Woman is still part of a larger DC Universe.

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