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Thursday, July 13, 2017

4:44 is a great new rap record, A-

There maybe dozens of new rap and hip hop stars. But Jay-Z has returned with an album that confirms he's still a powerful force in the music business.
Dozens of other rap stars have went there own way and have done something else, but not Jay-Z. The Phili native is still extremely active in the music business, and now, he's released his thirteenth studio album, 4:44. You would thing that with so many albums under his belt, he couldn't come up with anything new or original. Yet 4:44 is a reminder that Jay-Z is still and might forever will be one of the true kings of hip hop.

It's one of those records where each song is defining and creates a story. The album doesn't really have a theme because each song has it's own theme to it. It may not be poetry, but it's hip hop at it's finest. What's great about 4:44 is that it's a classic album from beginning to end, with songs that will make you see who Jay-Z is now that he's rich and famous.

4:44 is Jay-Z's story. It's a great collection of songs that represent who he is. Although there's several hate outs on the record (It wouldn't be Jay-Z if it wasn't), there are other songs that's almost as if Jay-Z is preaching to you like on the title track, 4:44. Kill Jay-Z is one of those classic song that shows us all who, where and what Jay-Z is like now a days that he's turning close to 50.

Simply put, 4:44 is pure lyrical genius. There's some intense, lucid and pure rap lyrics to every one of his songs on the new record. It's great to listen to what Jay-Z has to say because he's not just another rap artist, he IS the rap artist in today's world.

While 4:44 isn't Jay-Z's best albums by any means, its highly entertaining and great to listen to. Fans will be delighted and few will reject the new songs, and that's what making a new record is all about.

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