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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Spider-Man Home Coming is a fresh new face, A-

In a time where it seems almost every other weekend a new super hero movie comes out, it's good to see your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man back on the big screen again.

Although it's not the best Spider-Man film, it's still extremely entertaining from beginning to end. Like it's fellow other films, Home Coming offers great special effects and action sequences that are only fit for Spider-Man. What the best thing is about the new film is that the effects are maybe the only thing that makes it like the other films. Homecoming feels like it's own story, and a great new start for Marvel films.

There's not really anything truly bad about Homecoming, but the fact that it's another Spider-Man when we've already had two franchises recently is kind of daunting, especially for Tobey Maguire fans. That being said, the new actor, Tom Holand, was absolutely perfect for the role. He might be the best thing about Homecoming. It's truly fun watching him play the part because you know he's having fun with it, and the best thing is he's actually at a young age where he can indeed play Spidey for several years to come.

Unlike the other Spider-Man movies, you actually get the feeling that this is truly set in High School. All the actors in the previous films were much older than High School students, so it was nice to finally see a group of young talented actors in Spider-Man. Let's not forget Michael Keaton as Vulture. He did a decent performance as well, and it was incredibly good to see him back into a super hero film again.

It's still different to see Spider-Man with the Avengers, but Homecoming does it well because unlike the other super heroes, director Jon Watts adds an unique and special human touch to the film. For perhaps one of the first times, everyone can connect with Spider-Man and him wanting to be part of the Avengers, because let's face it, we all want to be part of it ourselves.

Another great thing about Homecoming was the storyline and direction. Watts really did a truly remarkable job with the film, and it really didn't even feel like being part of the MCU even though it did of course, had Robert Downey JR in it and a few other familiar faces.
All fans of Spider-Man won't be disappointed with the movie, and it's a great film to see on any summer night.

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